How To Make The Most of a Weekend in Montréal

As many of you who follow along with us on social media would have seen, Julio and I recently decided to take a weekend away in Montréal along with Canela after a busy start to 2023. Now that we live in Ottawa, it’s so much closer than it was before as a destination and I’ve made the decision that this year we are going to take advantage of that, because we never know where the future will take us. So, in an effort to help inspire a weekend in my home city like no other, no matter where you’re coming from, I thought I’d tell you about one of our absolute favourite hotels and how you can enjoy a much needed getaway as well at Humaniti Hotel Montreal, Autograph Collection – Montreal’s First Smart Vertical Community.

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A Glowup So Impressive, You Have to See it To Believe it

As many of you know, I travel to Toronto often for work and to see close friends that I have made over the last 9+ years that I have been blogging. When I can, I need to rest my head in a beautiful hotel that is conveniently located in the city. Well, if I had to pick there’s not one hotel more convenient or known in the downtown core like Sheraton Centre Toronto. Recently the hotel celebrated its 50th anniversary and the completed of a multi-million, multi-year renovation that you absolutely have to see in person to take in all that beautiful grandiosity.

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