Wishing I Was A Student Again

It’s mid August and for a lot of parents and students, it’s time to start talking about back to school shopping for things like a photo print on school bag. While I am very baby centric right now – with hopes of my future children becoming more and more real with every bit of money I can scrounge into savings – it always makes me smile. I vividly remember every year going with my mom to shop for the things that I needed to get the school year started. When I started my post secondary education in Ottawa (let’s not talk about when that was because it makes me feel old) it was about equipping myself with the tools I needed to be the best student I could be. Best Buy Canada had recently opened a new location in the city core, and it was so exciting to me to know that the items they had on the shelves got me excited. So inspired by this nostalgia, I decided to share some of my favourite Back to School items from Best Buy Canada that I hope might inspire you in the same way. And yes, many of them are on my personal wish list, even if I’m not going back to school this fall! Continue reading “Wishing I Was A Student Again”