A Christmas Cocktail All The Way From Cologne

Christmas is one of my fav times of year.  I love being able to spend time with my closest family and friends, even if it is through facetime for my family so far away.  One thing that I had not experienced until I moved to the Northern hemisphere were Christmas Markets.  It’s simply too warm in NZ for these to have the atmosphere that they need.  These markets are all throughout Europe and have their own personality and verve. They are all slightly different and each year, when I visit a different one it puts me right in the Christmas mood. They begin in late November and go until Christmas Eve, they are outdoors, so crisp and cold, with a real winter feel to them. 

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Exploring European Culture In A Whole New (Red) Light

Babestation Live porn show, but the locals have something more exciting to do. With Amsterdam being a European City of Culture, there is a little something to excite everyone. (opens in a new tab)” href=”https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/see-and-do” target=”_blank”>Amsterdam, long known for being Europe’s capital of sex and drugs, has much more to offer than that. Let’s be honest, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Amsterdam is the Red Light District and all of its delights. In previous centuries, it was known as a centre for trade with its many ports and guilds(read The Miniaturist for a great tale of these), things are slightly different these days. Whilst the delights are enticing, there is so much more to this fascinating city and it’s surrounds. There is a reason that you will mostly find tourists in the Red Light District, the locals have something more exciting to do, and with Amsterdam being a European City of Culture, there is a little something to excite everyone.

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Looking Back on My Year With Daniel

Looking back on my year with Do The Daniel, there are many moments that have stood out. Just being a member of this crazy wonderful team is a stand out moment. This group of people who span the globe are amazing – we support each other and laugh a lot. Without them, led by the larger than life Daniel, this ride would be a bit boring. We truly do, Do The Daniel, with some of the crazy stuff that we get up to.

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Chasing the Sky

When you surprise someone, you want to do it properly.  You want them to have no idea, to be stunned and to have that face of pure joy at the surprise. That was my face as I neared my seat, on a plane bound for Tromso, Norway, within the Arctic circle.  You see, my travel buddy Liam had planned this trip from beginning to end.  There were no clues.  I had to lay out luggage for all eventualities – hot and cold, warm and freezing, and the rest was hidden from me.  I was not allowed to know when I had to wake up until I was going to bed the night before and I was not allowed anywhere near the baggage.

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