Looking Back on My Year With Daniel

Looking back on my year with Do The Daniel, there are many moments that have stood out. Just being a member of this crazy wonderful team is a stand out moment. This group of people who span the globe are amazing – we support each other and laugh a lot. Without them, led by the larger than life Daniel, this ride would be a bit boring. We truly do, Do The Daniel, with some of the crazy stuff that we get up to.

This year has seen Brittany and I visit a number of interesting events such as the wonderful KFWE – Kosher Food and Wine Event, if you are not in the know, and seriously get your tickets for 2018 ASAP as this does sell out. Hopefully, we will be back there trying the amazing food and delish wines again. There we met a number of Jewish wine merchants who were all too happy to share their wine and tell us about their vineyards.

We also had the ridiculously hard job of attending a wine and cheese pairing event at Bellavita. I really don’t know how we coped. The cheese was amazing, the host shared with us stories about how it was made, much of it in the traditional way, which is slowly dying out as it is impossible to mass produce this way. He even shared a story about how a New Zealander came to be making one of these delicious cheeses. One night, this kiwi was hiking in Italy and came upon a farm. He asked to stay the night, and the farmer said, “yes, as long as you get up in the morning to help us with the sheep/goats/cows.” The man said yes of course. The next morning, he was up very early to help, and there was the farmer’s daughter. He never left the farm and the rest is history. I love stories like that!

Of course my year of writing for Daniel would not be complete without my numerous travels. It was on one of these exciting adventures, that I actually met the man himself! I feel like I have known Daniel for years, and in many ways, I have. Through the magic of Instagram and Snapchat, we can hear people talk, see their gestures and know them long before we ever meet them. This is how I felt about Daniel, so I was ridiculously excited to meet him in New York, where he happened to be on a business trip. It was like we were long lost friends meeting and we had the best time. It was great to be able to see him again and meet the wonderful Julio when they were in London for a day.


Me and this chick. We have been freed from communism. Life is good. Riga.

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Of course there is also the food, glorious food. No true foodie’s year would be complete without mentioning the food. I love seeing the food that our team eats on Instagram. That is inspirational in itself! I have been so lucky to have some amazing food experiences and be able to share them with a wide range of colleagues and friends. As you will all know by now, I love Ben’s Canteen, and this week I got to know and love Pizza Union. Oh and let’s not forget the deliciousness that is The Tapas Room!

Between food and socializing, a girl has to take a moment out for herself. This was provided for me by Huawei Mobile, when they held a manicure event at Wah Nails, to celebrate their fab colour launch. For the Greenery and Dazzling Blue! That manicure lasted forever and was the subject of many compliments. Those phones though… OMG they are the object of my desire. The Leica camera in them is incredible and will make you look amazing on even the most tired of days.

So to sum up, my fav part of the Do The Daniel experience this year, is… ALL OF IT!!!!! What a fab year we have had this year! Wonderful people, wonderful food and drink and wonderful experiences! I am very much looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings for us. Have a safe and happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year!

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Luvs xx

Nicola Whyte

Photos by Nicola Whyte