Toronto | The #DoTheDaniel Summer Restaurant Roundup

I’ve been sitting staring at my laptop screen, writing and rewriting this paragraph over and over. Trying desperately to come up with an introduction to my summer restaurant list for Toronto that doesn’t sound pretentious. The last thing I would ever want for to become is that. I could tell you that I worked in the restaurant industry for ten years, but then I get preachy and speak server (yes, it is a whole other language). I could tell you that every one of the following restaurants is an absolutely must and HAVE to go, but that might sound demanding. So why don’t I just say this… The following restaurants, in my professional opinion, all have something different to offer you this summer in Toronto. Let me tell you which ones you can find the team & I enjoying in the sun and how you can do the same! Continue reading “Toronto | The #DoTheDaniel Summer Restaurant Roundup”

Food & Wine | O&B Caters Redefines The Word “Catering”

As most of you will know, the next two words embody quality, elegance and leadership in the Food & Wine world in Canada. Oliver & Bonacini. The iconic company was founded in 1993 by Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini and has grown to be one of the most successful fine dining companies in Canada. With Restaurants of the highest quality such as Canoe, Auberge du Pommier and Luma (to name a few!), Oliver & Bonacini is in my mind, one of the best there is.

This past week I was invited to an intimate event of Toronto’s Food elite to celebrate the launch of O&B Caters at Jackie O Floral Affairs & Event Design. After over ten years in the restaurant industry and with their incredible roster of restaurants and events, I was shocked that it had taken this long for O&B Events to get on board the proverbial catering train. Continue reading “Food & Wine | O&B Caters Redefines The Word “Catering””