Food & Wine | O&B Caters Redefines The Word “Catering”

As most of you will know, the next two words embody quality, elegance and leadership in the Food & Wine world in Canada. Oliver & Bonacini. The iconic company was founded in 1993 by Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini and has grown to be one of the most successful fine dining companies in Canada. With Restaurants of the highest quality such as Canoe, Auberge du Pommier and Luma (to name a few!), Oliver & Bonacini is in my mind, one of the best there is.

This past week I was invited to an intimate event of Toronto’s Food elite to celebrate the launch of O&B Caters at Jackie O Floral Affairs & Event Design. After over ten years in the restaurant industry and with their incredible roster of restaurants and events, I was shocked that it had taken this long for O&B Events to get on board the proverbial catering train.

OB Caters_Salad (Photo by Cindy La)

Michael Bonacini, whom I had the honour to meet in person and chat with for a few minutes, said the same during his welcome speech. However, upon further explanation, it all made sense. The attention to details and execution from the Oliver & Bonacini brand has always been flawless, from start to finish, in anything they do. For O&B Caters it had to make sense and be well organized behind the scenes for the launch of this new project.

OB Caters_Short Rib (Photo by Cindy La)

Luckily for us, it finally did all make sense in 2013 and the company has hit the ground running. In my opinion, as someone that attends a substantial amount of events, the word catering can sometimes cause me to cringe. The worst cases involve pre-prepared food, lukewarm at best and tasteless which is passed around by staff that clearly don’t care what they have in hand.

OB Caters_Sponge Toffee (Photo by Cindy La)

In this instance, the opposite occurred and I was left engaged and smiling. The O&B Caters mentality is to bring restaurant quality chefs to any event and have them explain and engage their food with the attendees. The selected dished are prepared right in front of you and is not only fresh but delicious. Each staff member met your question and needs with a smile and a helpful bit of information. The whole experience left me feeling like I was sitting in any of the O&B establishments and made me excited for the events to come this year as catered by O&B.

With some delicious food in hand and some wonderful company, the evening was positively perfect. Stay tuned for some exciting things to come from Oliver & Bonacini &! And if you’re thinking about catering you’re next event, might I suggest you get in touch with O&B Caters to ensure it is done properly.

Contact them here and follow along as I attend future events with #OBCaters.

For some behind the scenes outtakes from that night and more nights to come with O&B, follow my Instagram.

Photos: Cindy La


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