Ottawa Just Got a Lot More Delicious

Today’s the day Ottawa – yes, this blog post is dedicated to you as a city and something fabulous that just arrived that is for you to enjoy before most Canadian cities. That’s right, the famous Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizza which took Mississauga by storm in 2022 has arrived, and you can now enjoy it at 12 locations around the city. I had the pleasure of trying them today and all I can say is YUM!

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And All of a Sudden, Ottawa Was Trendy

Okay okay, I have to admit the title is a bit click bait-y, even for me. But after recently hitting the one year mark living in Ottawa again after ten amazing years in Toronto, I have to admit it’s not the city I once knew. Over the last few years Ottawa seems to have propelled itself forward in exciting ways, has developed distinct and incredible neighborhoods, and has me a bit flabbergasted at how cool its become. Let me tell you why!

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Three Things You May Not Know About Me That Make Me Who I am Today

Over the span of eight years, you would assume that I have shared (and probably overshared) everything you could possibly imagine about who I am. The fun part about the blog is that it has grown and evolved, changed and changed again with me as I did the same. All these years later, I still get excited to share intimate moments and memories to help you understand me as a person. Now a husband, soon to be a Dad in the coming years, and always avidly travelling with you in tow on social media, this blog post is a love letter of sorts to three things you may not know yet that make me who I am today.

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Three Reasons You Should Consider a Weekend in Ottawa this Summer

With the province of Ontario on track to safely continue its reopening measures, this summer has become the season of freedom and reconnecting with the things and people I love. From seeing my niece and nephew again for the first time in months IRL, to weekend trips with Julio while we do the long distance “thing”, I’m all about sharing experiences with you all to inspire and make you smile. Having planned out several trips this summer together when we aren’t apart, I wanted to take the time to tell you why you should consider a staycation (for those of you who also call it home) or vacation weekend in Ottawa. The nation’s capital is ready to make your memories more beautiful and I can’t wait to tell you why!

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