Contest | The 2016 #DoTheDaniel Holiday Gift Guide & #DTDxmas giveaway

The holidays are an exciting time of year, but like many of you, I am left wondering what gifts are “the right gifts” for those I shop for. Thankfully, along with the team around the world, we have worked with some amazing and inspiring brands throughout 2016. With brand marketing and the resultant engagement at an all-time high, it was not long before these brands would have wanted more exposure for themselves. Understandably, finding innovative ways to get in touch with the public and tackling the social media algorithm becomes important for businesses, especially the ones who are just starting off. While some resort to improving their social visibility by using wholly managed growth services like Social Runner, others follow the tried and tested method of giveaways!

I have read through every post of these brands and have compiled a list of my personal holiday must-haves that are sure to help make the holidays happier this year. And since there is something to be said for #DoTheDaniel tradition, I am giving one lucky Canadian the chance to win the entire #DTDxmas gift guide worth over $3,750.00! Continue reading “Contest | The 2016 #DoTheDaniel Holiday Gift Guide & #DTDxmas giveaway”

Contest | Be your best with the NEW Philips OneBlade

I like to believe that I am a good looking man and that I present myself with confidence and kindness to the world. That being said, just like the lovely ladies in my life, being my best does take a little bit of work behind the scenes. There has always been something incredibly romantic about the act of shaving in my mind. From the moment when my dad used to let me watch him use his plug in Philips shaver, to when he taught me to use shaving cream and a manual razor. There is a sense of pride that can be found when a man takes the time to make himself look polished for himself and the world. It’s why I am so excited to tell you about the NEW Philips OneBlade and how it is helping me look and feel my very best.  Continue reading “Contest | Be your best with the NEW Philips OneBlade”

Events | Our top 5 gifts from Hudson’s Bay that Dad really wants for #FathersDay

Let’s be honest, Dads across the country sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to Father’s Day. Mother’s Day is one of those occasions that we go all out and spoil mom, but what about Dad?! Something as sweet and sentimental as this custom photo lighter, with the opportunity to engrave any picture or sentiment on it, is enough for father’s around the world to be appreciative. I know that in our home as we start to plan for a family, Father’s Day will be twice as big because our little ones will have two to celebrate. I’m already looking forward to any homemade and personalized gifts they decide to give me. Last year they gifted me a Custom Camera Roll Keychain with their photos on it but went for a homemade keychain instead. I loved it, so I’m excited to see what we’ll get this year. My children aren’t the only ones thinking about Father’s Day. I have to think about what I’m going to get my dad and my brother. My Dad has been such a huge part of my life and is the reason I am the man I have become AND my brother is celebrating his first #FathersDay. So when I sat down to look for the Dad’s in my life, it only made sense to visit Hudson’s Bay. We’ve gathered together our Top 5 gifts for Dad that he will really want this #FathersDay! Continue reading “Events | Our top 5 gifts from Hudson’s Bay that Dad really wants for #FathersDay”

Travel & Lifestyle | The best New Year’s Resolution you’ll ever make

It’s officially 2016, and we are all finally getting back into the swing of things. The clock struck midnight on December 31st and many of us made promises to ourselves with a new set of New Year’s resolutions. Not to be a skeptic, because I myself made several as well, but chances are some of them may be unrealistic and difficult to keep. That’s why when I think about the best New Year’s resolution I could recommend, it doesn’t include a fancy new diet or fitness regime. The best resolution you’ll ever make is to promise yourself to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | The best New Year’s Resolution you’ll ever make”