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It’s officially 2016, and we are all finally getting back into the swing of things. The clock struck midnight on December 31st and many of us made promises to ourselves with a new set of New Year’s resolutions. Not to be a skeptic, because I myself made several as well, but chances are some of them may be unrealistic and difficult to keep. That’s why when I think about the best New Year’s resolution I could recommend, it doesn’t include a fancy new diet or fitness regime. The best resolution you’ll ever make is to promise yourself to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed every morning. 

You’ll remember that I took a personal challenge using the Philips Wake-Up Light late last year and I am finally ready to share the results with you all.

This simple addition to my every day has helped me to realize how important a good night’s rest truly is. As many health experts will tell you, sleep is a necessity and many of us aren’t getting nearly enough. I had the chance to ask Catherine about sleep as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and here is what she had to say:

“Sleeping is like your own personal reset button. It helps to regulate your immune system, your metabolism and even your brain function. Ensuring proper amounts of regular sleep is essential in achieving optimal health.”

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While doing my research on the product over the past few weeks I came across the following video posted by Philips a few years ago. Now, though Canadians might not face the extremes of 24 hour darkness in the winter time, we do face sunlight deprivation which adds to lack of energy and proper rest our bodies need. I could empathize with the difficulty of waking up in the morning and it was one of the reasons why I was so excited to get my own Philips Wake-up Light.

So, it’s January. It’s cold. We aren’t sleeping enough. And that darn alarm clock is the bane of your existence every morning…. Insert the Philips Wake-up Light. Over the past few weeks I have used this device beside our bed in tandem with trying my best (work permitting) to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Every morning the Wake-Up light simulates sunlight and helps to wake the body up in a more natural way vs the aggressive jolt of a “classic” alarm. I have never considered myself a morning person by any means and always had a hard time waking up – I have even been known to turn off my alarms in the night without realizing it!

I’ve witnessed a transformation in my sleep patterns and subsequently in the energy I have almost immediately when I wake up. I am less groggy, I am certainly less grumpy and I feel well rested. With 2016 about to be the busiest year we’ve ever had at, it’s been a welcomed change to what I am used to and I would go so far as to say that the best New Year’s resolution you can make. This is a tangible way to feel more rested in your life with a Philips Wake-up Light of your own.



Now that I’ve added it to my sleep routine, I don’t think I can ever go back to a cellphone alarm or alarm clock. Why would I want to? 

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