Was that the biggest serve ever? Maybe.

I am sitting at Toronto Pearson International Airport waiting for my Porter Airlines flight to Los Angeles International Airport and IPW 2024. I’ve never attended this travel conference before and this year when I applied, I got approved and added to the Canadian media delegation. Feeling pretty excited for something I’ve never experienced before, I am looking back on the learnings from 2024 so far and the things I am proud of.

I recently came back to the #TeamGoogle & #TeamPixel family thanks to Google Canada and I think that the social media post that I created around it may be the biggest serve ever… and I’m kind of living for it.

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When Was The Last Time You Got Excited?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment, shall we?

I often think back to the days when buying a new mobile device meant an exciting change. There was so many brands and features to think of back then – I’m so old I had a flip phone, a slide phone, and remember the first iterations of a touch screen. All these years later, most phones are not something that get me excited. For a long time, it’s just been about a sleek design and a “cool factor” – so I got to wondering, when wat the last time I got excited about an upgrade….

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