When Was The Last Time You Got Excited?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment, shall we?

I often think back to the days when buying a new mobile device meant an exciting change. There was so many brands and features to think of back then – I’m so old I had a flip phone, a slide phone, and remember the first iterations of a touch screen. All these years later, most phones are not something that get me excited. For a long time, it’s just been about a sleek design and a “cool factor” – so I got to wondering, when wat the last time I got excited about an upgrade….

Okay we all know I am a very happy member of Team Google since making the switch to a pixel a few years ago. Most recently having gotten a pair of Google Pixel Buds A-Series I am living my best life. HOW did I wait so long for these earphone, I’m not quite sure, but the sound quality of my music when I’m out for a walk or the clarity of my calls is the best I’ve ever experience.


From the  Google Nest Hub Max with Google Assistant to the all new Nest Doorbell that my brother recently bought and I immediately need for my home, Google seems to be innovating life in all the way I need them to. But if I had to get the most excited about upgrades I hope to make it would be around the upcoming launch of the STUNNING Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro – and of course that owning a Pixelbook Go is #Goals.

The phone not only excites me visually, but the camera and ability to make life easier make this one of my #MustHaves for the year.

“Powered by a brand new chip custom-made for Pixel, Google Tensor, they’re the fastest, smartest, and most secure Pixel phones yet.”



I know there’s so much in the world that it can all feel overwhelming. So if you had the chance to get excited about an upgrade like I am, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to remind yourself that deserve only the best.

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Daniel Reyes

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