So I’ve been told Summer is “Cancelled”, Now What?

After a busy week in Ottawa both professionally and personally, I got news that the summer is “cancelled” for many of the in person events in the coming months that most of us were looking forward to. While my initial reaction was like many – somewhere in between knowing it was coming, disappointment and frustration – I also realized that things could be worse. After the shock settled down I got to thinking about the ways that I can make myself happy and enjoy the summer I wasn’t expecting, but that I am still going to enjoy to the best of my abilities. Here’s hoping it helps to remind you that there are still reasons to smile and things to be excited for amid a year of disappointing moments and obstacles.

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Events | Potted Potter will have you seeing the classic story in a whole new way!

I have always been the biggest fan of going to the theater to see a show. Be it a broadway musical or a ballet after a five course meal, there is something incredibly romantic about the experience. For those of you who also love the theater I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent influx of comedy into a world that once was reserved only for high society. I like to think that this evolution is one way that going to see a show is including the younger generation. It makes me feel old to even write those words, but it’s true! With the popularity of shows touring the world such as Book of Mormon or Avenue Q, I had to jump at the opportunity to see Starvox Entertainment‘s Potted Potter while it was in Toronto! Come & see why this hilarious take on the iconic series is one show you won’t want to miss. Continue reading “Events | Potted Potter will have you seeing the classic story in a whole new way!”