Feeling comfortable in my own skin again this winter

One of the things I am always the most concerned about in the winter is my skin. Though I am lucky to have good skin, that doesn’t mean that I don’t suffer from seasonal changes like many Canadians do. Dry and cracked skin can become a big issue plus conditions like scabies are more common in the winter because the mites prefer the cold weather. Thankfully, I’ve only had to use home treatments for scabies once before but is definitely something you need to be wary of in the winter. As is the dry skin and itchiness that comes with the winter chills and wind.

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Advisor, Ross Flower to talk about my specific skin issues in tandem with some simple food additions I’ve added to my diet thanks to President’s Choice. I am sharing my tips to feeling comfortable in my own skin again with you and have some tips on how you too can do the same in your day-to-day life! Continue reading “Feeling comfortable in my own skin again this winter”

You have questions, and The Mobile Shop has answers.

I like to believe that 2016 was a year of lessons and learning how to avoid making the same ones. You’ll have of course seen that I am so excited to have partnered with President’s Choice as one of their #DiscoverPC team members. We have been given an amazing opportunity to explore not only delicious food, but also all the other incredible experiences that are available to Canadians from coast-to-coast. To kick off an exciting partnership, the team at President’s Choice invited some of us in Toronto to join them at a local Loblaws for a food photography 101 and to learn about The Mobile Shop. Come see what I found out and how you too can have those pesky questions answered! Continue reading “You have questions, and The Mobile Shop has answers.”

Why we could all use a little refresh

I like to think that the winter months define us as Canadians. However, in light of those cold nights and lack of sunshine, I also know that we all could use a little refresh right about now. You’ll have seen that recently I had the chance to join my fellow #DiscoverPC members to rejuvenate myself inside and out thanks to both President’s Choice® & Joe Fresh to makeover my work day from food choices to the outfits I wear. Come and see how you too can find inspiration to refresh your day-to-day life with a few simple changes!
Continue reading “Why we could all use a little refresh”