5 Delicious Ways to Make NYE More Memorable

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and I thought to myself that this year I need to make it easier to enjoy with my friends instead of slaving in the kitchen for them. So I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favourite food items that we will be serving in hopes that they can help YOU do the same while we all cheers to #NYE2018 together. 

You’ll remember that over the years we have shared some of the easiest, and delicious, ways to enjoy good food with good company. President’s Choice has done it again this year with their latest #PCInsidersCollection and I wanted to tell you what I picked up for the holidays. I love to cook, but by the time NYE comes around and I’ve spent hours in the kitchen for my friends and family, I just want to have things in the house that make it easier to #EatTogether. 

Speaking of, have you seen this year’s new commercial? It’s pretty amazing and made me cry. But that always happens at the holidays when I see a great campaign! 

SO, without further ado, here are the PC® Insiders Must Try Collection™ that I am serving this year as a huge fan of their food, but also a loyal shopper on a weekly basis who enjoy delicious items for my family. 

I love cheese. I love cheese SO much. So the PC® Aged 5 Years Canadian Cheddar Cheese is a great addition to our table of snacks this New Year’s. Pair it with your favourite bottle of Moet or Veuve, and you’ve got the greatest way to satisfy your guests while you throw a few things in the oven. 

The LIFE CHANGING PC® Candy Cane Cheesecake Lollipops combine three of my favourite treats. So this was a no brainer. You may want to pick up an extra box or two since they disappear QUICK in our house! 

Convenience is key this year, so the PC® Shrimp & Scallops au Gratin are perfect because they already come in the beautiful terracotta dishes. Grab a baguette and some wine and you’ll be the hostest with the mostest tomorrow night.

I’m a snacker, especially when we have friends over. So when I first tried the PC® Sweet & Heat Popcorn, I was hooked. Who doesn’t like an addictive snack or two around the house over the holidays? This one tops my list! 

You know me and Latino food. Pop some PC® Mini Chicken Empanadas and you’ll be set for your guests and yourself. Remember that the holidays are meant to be a time to enjoy those you love. So don’t slave away, grab some of these amazing products from the #PCInsidersCollection. Click here to see the entire line before you pick up those items you need for the next few days

To join in on the social media conversation during the holidays, and all year long, make sure to follow @PresChoice on Twitter & Instagram and ‘Like’ their Facebook Page. We can’t wait to see which items you love most and what memories you were able to create with all the time you saved. Enjoy a Happy New Year in the most delicious way! 

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