Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wine Guide

Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those holidays that you either love to love, or love to hate. Either way, I know that I know Spring is around the corner-ish every February 14th and that’s reason enough to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine. I am actually astonished to have found out that Julio got me a gift this year while I haven’t gotten around to thinking about or buying one for him. Thankfully I’m a fabulous gift giver & experience curator. And of course when in doubt, a beautiful bottle of wine and some romance are the perfect option. For those of you in the same place, I thought I would do the hard work and curate the ultimate wine list for Valentine’s Day 2023 for your BFF, special someone, or for that solo soak in the tub.

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Wearing My Rosé Coloured Glasses This Autumn

When it comes to the world we live in, it can absolutely feel overwhelming these days. There is much needed change happening, breaking news around the clock, many of us are exhausted after months of coping with COVID, and so much more. Lately I have been finding a lot of solace in the simple things in my life. You might even say I’ve been wearing my Rosé Coloured Glasses to help the world seem a bit more beautiful….

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The Ultimate Guide To Niagara Wine

For those of you who follow along with me on social media, you’ll have seen that I recently took a trip to Niagara Falls Tourism, – click here to read how you can recreate the best itinerary for yourself. While we were down there, my #BubbleBuddies and I visited some of my favourite Niagara wineries. Inspired by the weather, the trip and the wine industry that I love so much I decided to make the ultimate Niagara Wine list for you to enjoy this summer.

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