Travel & Lifestyle| Why Julio loves Rudsak and what I got him for his birthday!

For those of you who follow along in our adventures online, you would have seen that this week I celebrated Julio’s birthday in a special way. Planning a day full of romantic gestures and his favourite things, I wanted to show the most important person in my life how much I loved him. A lot of people have been asking what I got him as a present because what do you buy a fashion lover these days? As one of his favourite brands, and after visiting the team while we were in Montreal earlier this year, I knew I wanted to get him something beautiful from RUDSAKContinue reading “Travel & Lifestyle| Why Julio loves Rudsak and what I got him for his birthday!”

Holiday Contest | #IWantRudsak & so does the fashionista in your life

Shopping for the fashionista in my life can be difficult, especially with how much is available on the market nowadays! Additionally, fashionistas tend to be super picky about their choices in fashion, which can make buying for one even more difficult. I have considered gifting my fashionista friends with a product from fake designer websites; they look just like the real thing sometimes, and everyone loves a designer brand! However, at the moment chances are I end up in a RUDSAK store or online From fur to leather, fashion to fun, this Canadian brand has a special place in my heart. Not to mention that Julio is usually coveting something from their latest collection! It’s why I’ve decided to pick up a few of my favourite items for him this year from RUDSAK (don’t tell him) and to share an exciting contest that they are running. Trust me when I say that #IWantRudsak and so does the fashion lover of any age in your life. Continue reading “Holiday Contest | #IWantRudsak & so does the fashionista in your life”

#TIFF14 Round Up | The NKPR It Lounge Portrait Studio

If there is one thing that comes to mind when you think of The Toronto International Film Festival ®, it is celebrities. As the season has now come to an end and the city of Toronto slowly returns to everyday business, I am left smiling thinking back on this years #TIFF14 experiences with Julio & Catherine. Alas, this season Amanda had to skip with Lyric heading to school but next year I think we should make sure she is in town for all the festivities. Of all the celebrity gifting lounges that take place all over the city, one that we always look forward to is the NKPR It Lounge. Julio’s post has already gone live on FASHIONIGHTS here, but come and see why this year’s #NKPRIT14 Lounge was the most star studded yet in my #DoTheDaniel Behind The Scenes feature. Continue reading “#TIFF14 Round Up | The NKPR It Lounge Portrait Studio”