Travel & Lifestyle| Why Julio loves Rudsak and what I got him for his birthday!

For those of you who follow along in our adventures online, you would have seen that this week I celebrated Julio’s birthday in a special way. Planning a day full of romantic gestures and his favourite things, I wanted to show the most important person in my life how much I loved him. A lot of people have been asking what I got him as a present because what do you buy a fashion lover these days? As one of his favourite brands, and after visiting the team while we were in Montreal earlier this year, I knew I wanted to get him something beautiful from RUDSAK


#TBT to last week’s creative meeting with @dothedaniel & @fashionights at RUDSAK’s head office.

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I think one of the many reasons why Julio has loved RUDSAK for so long is the rock and urban aesthetic that the brand embodies. I don’t know if kids these days still use the expression, but the brand is really cool. Fashion forward, edgy and quintessentially Canadian. Every time I see a new item, I want it for myself or Julio because the versatility is there to be a staple in our wardrobe all year round. For example, the collaboration with Emily Haines is the hottest item for fashion lovers from coast to coast!


In full swing. #RUDSAKSS16

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Show us your favourite RUDSAK store. This is @cftoeatoncentre, what’s yours? ? @dothedaniel

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– Hubert de #Givenchy

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For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the latest and greatest from RUDSAK, I encourage you to check out their website and check it regularly. It’s where I found the Ladd jacket that reminded me so much of Julio I had to get it for him (stay tuned as we style a very #FASHIONIGHTS photoshoot featuring his favourite new jacket). 



“The trucker-inspired Ladd jacket is menswear with muscle, pairing two rugged textures for a strong utilitarian look. The back is tailored in super-thermal neoprene, a man-made fabric engineered for a warm, snug fit, while the front panels, collar and cuffs are crafted from robust pebbled lamb leather. The piece is finished with a turndown collar and chest pockets with a flap closure, for an outerwear look that works anywhere.”

I mean, how could I not get this?! Julio was so excited and as someone who appreciates value and fabrication, he knows that RUDSAK is the best option. Clothing is an expression of who he is, and RUDSAK always offers items that do just that for him. To read more about the Ladd Jacket and other related items for that special someone in your life, or for you!, make sure to click here. I know that throughout the many birthdays and special occasions to come for Julio and I, that I can find an item at RUDSAK that he will love and cherish. Fashion lovers to foodies, men and women to children, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

To find your local RUDSAK location, make sure to click here. If you prefer to shop online, make sure to check out for the holidays.

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