The Best of San Francisco

This year, I celebrated Christmas by spending time my family in San Francisco. The holiday music pumping through store speakers and the odd Christmas-wreathed doors were, in my opinion, in direct contradiction with the 18 degree weather, the warm sunshine, the sailboats in the harbour and the complete and utter lack of snow (apparently it just never snows there… what the heck is that like?!).

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Eating my way through the city by the bay

When it comes to travel, I have my go-to destinations like most of us do. A sense of familiarity that allows me to unwind in some of the most beautiful destinations around the world. But I’ll let you in on a little secret… I love to explore new cities and destinations most of all. There is something incredibly exciting about booking a ticket, landing, and discovering everything for the first time. So when our friends at San Francisco Travel asked me to join them on an international press trip centered around the food culture of San Fran, I knew I couldn’t pass up such an incredible opportunity. Having never been, not only am I excited to try some of the best food on the west coast, but also to see the sights that have made the city by the bay famous!  Continue reading “Eating my way through the city by the bay”