Health & Nutrition | LE CHÂTEAU | Taking the Stress Out of Shopping

Shopping for clothing and stress should not go hand in hand.  Isn’t having fun the whole point?  I have always embraced it as just another facet of my self-love routine.  Taking time to think about me, to drape myself in different fabrics, to try on new and exciting things – it’s all part of the experience.  Now, I’m not saying that everything fits me well, but I take it as a learning experience.  Getting to know what makes me feel good and look good too!  I was always taught to be unapologetically myself.

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Health & Nutrition | Shopping Therapy | Simons Les Promenades Gatineau

Growing up in Ottawa had its many perks, but shopping wasn’t really one of them.  No offence Ottawa, but this was never your strong suit… until now.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I moved back here, but this city is growing and fast.  From the expansion of the Rideau Centre to the rebranding of many of our other malls, exploring the newest additions to Canada’s Capital is one of my favourite things to do.

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Events | #FAJOsocial 2015: The Spring Soirée

It’s finally happening! The sun is making it’s triumphant return and the spring seems to be here to stay. With beautiful weather and renewed energy sweeping the city of Toronto, it’s that time of year again. FAJO Magazine is hosting their annual #FAJOsocial and this year’s theme is centered around “The Spring Soirée.” For our fans, you’ll remember that this is one event we always add to our social calendar. This year’s soirée, as in previous years, is sure to sell out. Come and see why you won’t want to miss this Fashionable gathering with the who’s who of Toronto. Continue reading “Events | #FAJOsocial 2015: The Spring Soirée”