BMO presents Scrubs in the City Rio with Mantella Corporation

An event not to miss, every year amid a hectic schedule and what seems to be a never end to do list, I make my way to Scrubs in the City in support of Sick Kids. Taking place on June 6th here in the city of Toronto, the event is set to be yet another successful night which although sold out will surely be quite the adventure to follow along with us to on social media if you aren’t already following us!

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It’s Time To Join Your Crew

It’s been almost five years since I launched, and as the blog and it’s team have grown and evolved, I have been so proud to be a part of some pretty monumental moments and experiences. When all is said and done at the end of the day, it is the work with charitable organizations around the world that I am most proud of. As both a successful business and the face of it, I believe it is my responsibility to share moments and topics that need your help alongside all the excitement. Since day one, I have been such a huge fan of the work SickKids– and now that it is time to build a new SickKids, I need you to join me and your crew to help us change the lives of countless Canadian children.  Continue reading “It’s Time To Join Your Crew”

Taking A Minute To Say Thank You

As a part of running the blog with Catherine, attending events is something that we do on at least once a day. I love that part of this job – it allows me to bring you all with me BTS on Instagram Stories. I get to see friends and celebrate amazing experiences with fantastic brands and causes. Every year we attend and help to support several major events in support of SickKids because we understand the importance bringing awareness to one of our favourite charities in Canada.  Continue reading “Taking A Minute To Say Thank You”

A Day in the Life of An Ophthalmologist

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with an actual ophthalmologist, similar to the ophthalmologists in Portland Oregon, to chat about what the heck it is that they do on a daily basis. Not many people have actually heard of the term ophthalmology and if they did, it wouldn’t be an easy job to imagine how exactly they study eye care, or how they carry out their daily work.

Now, I know we covered some of this on the blog before, but I think it’s really important to gain a better understanding of how important their role is within the medical community. That’s why I decided to hang out with one of the best in the industry for a little Q & A.

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