Events | Respect The Agave Tequila Bartender Battle

For those of you who remember, we recently introduced you to Siempre Tequila. This incredible brand stole my heart during an intimate tasting and they are ready to take part in an exciting event here in Toronto on Monday December 21st. “Respect The Agave Tequila Bartender Battle” will bring together Toronto’s top bartenders in a nationwide series of tequila-only bartending competitions called #RespectTheAgave – and we want you to join us! Continue reading “Events | Respect The Agave Tequila Bartender Battle”

Food & Wine | Introducing Siempre Tequila

One of the things I love most about blogging and sharing our adventures with you all is the opportunity to introduce you to something new and exciting. Be it an event we attend or a new brand we can’t wait to get our hands on, it’s the fun part of this job. One of the newest items we are being introduced to tonight at a special event is the launch of Siempre Tequila. Make sure to follow @DoTheDaniel on social media today as we get to try it first and take a look at why we are so excited to get our hands on a bottle or two! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Introducing Siempre Tequila”