You Heard It Here First – There’s TWO new Siempre Products Coming To Canada

Yes, you read that correctly. My favourite tequila is launching two new products into the Canadian markets and I’m here to break the story in a full circle moment since being the first media outlet to write about their launch in 2015.

Over the last eight years I’ve watched as the team being the scenes worked to establish an empire that continues to grow and thrive – and on their own terms. As someone that identifies with that narrative, it only made sense that I got the first scoop.

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With Love, Siempre xo

I remember first meeting Alex Lacroix at a now defunct Mexican restaurant in the distillery district of Toronto for a media event introducing a new tequila to me in 2015-ish. This was before I had ever really explored Mexico – not the beaches and resorts we all love, but Mexico City, Oaxaca and the interior that truly define the soul of a country I could see myself calling home. Where I truly learned about the artistry behind Mezcal and Tequila, which one day years later would become my favourite of all. And at the top of that list, Siempre Tequila would find its way into my heart and never leave.

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A Form of Self-Expression

Having not sat down to write a blog post in some time, I find myself feeling relieved at the chance to write and get back to something that feeds my soul in ways nothing else can.

Life got really busy this year, in a lot of different ways. Had you asked me a year ago where I thought I would be in life, it certainly wouldn’t be here. Not that this place in life – both physically and mentally – is bad, but it’s just not what I expected. I guess that is sort of a beautiful thought if you think about it. You’re never quite sure where life is going to take you, but as long as you continue to follow your heart and express what you want and deserve, it’s never going to be dull. Maybe that sentiment is what inspired this recent blog post. Let’s see if you agree.

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Siempre Sigue Tu Corazón

It’s been an emotional few weeks. I always get extra nostalgic around the holidays and before the excitement of what the new year holds. Always have, probably always will. Recently I ran into some friends by chance and we sat down to talk about our mutual businesseses and how far we’ve come over the years. Funny thing that I did run into them because had I not missed the streetcar by a moment, it would never have happened before the holidays. Funny how life works out like that sometime…  Continue reading “Siempre Sigue Tu Corazón”