A Space To Call Your Office

I’m currently writing this in bed, propped up by a few pillows with a heating pad on my lower back and some essential oils diffusing. #Spoonielife as a true millennial, I do a lot of work on my laptop or my phone every day – I’m studying scripts, answering emails, translating copy, answering emails, writing essays/scripts/blog posts/short stories and then usually answering some more emails. I do most of this work in bed and though it can be really lovely and cozy, I have to admit it’s not always the most productive.

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Sometimes It’s Okay To Google Your Diagnosis

I’ve been trying to decide how best to introduce myself to you and I can’t choose the way that is most genuine to who I am and what will also be fun to read… Conversation comes very easily to me, but this feels like a strange mix between an autobiography, a dating profile and a work interview. So instead of agonizing over the perfectly original and most interesting way to begin, I’m just going to start listing off some random (but important) facts about myself:

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