A Space To Call Your Office

I’m currently writing this in bed, propped up by a few pillows with a heating pad on my lower back and some essential oils diffusing. #Spoonielife as a true millennial, I do a lot of work on my laptop or my phone every day – I’m studying scripts, answering emails, translating copy, answering emails, writing essays/scripts/blog posts/short stories and then usually answering some more emails. I do most of this work in bed and though it can be really lovely and cozy, I have to admit it’s not always the most productive.

I’ve never had a conventional 9 to 5 office job and I’m not planning on acquiring one any time soon. I hear they’re great for one thing though: a space to call your very own office.

Most days, I’d love to feel the energy that comes from working in an inspiring place surrounded by other passionate people who are working on projects they love. In fact, there are many benefits of a creative coworking space, one of which being that it’s very encouraging seeing other people achieve their dreams and it makes me work harder to achieve my dreams too. In wanting to be in that kind of environment, I, like most creatives my age, have spent countless hours working in coffee shops and the scenario that follows is bound to happen at least once a day: I’ve consumed many, many coffees in hopes that the employees won’t be annoyed that I’ve set up camp in their store.

My bladder is now about to burst. I have to pack up all my things in order to use the restroom because it feels irresponsible to leave everything out and ask a stranger to watch my things. I come back from the bathroom to find that someone else has set up shop in my former spot – they’re obviously also going to be working there for hours now and I must decide if I will either be finding a new coffee place to reenact this little ditty or just go back home to my makeshift “bed office” to work. If you recognized yourself in the story I just told, I have fantastic news for you: the new trend of co-working office spaces is truly a fantastic, dynamic change in workspaces and you are going to absolutely love them!

You’ve inevitably seen/heard the Do The Daniel Toronto team rave about our offices at Spaces Queen West, but did you know that there is probably a Spaces spot near you as well? Spaces, an Amsterdam-born company, has always been at the forefront of the co-working movement and they currently have 137 locations in over 30 countries!

A true pioneer in the creative workspace world, Spaces really focuses on creating and fostering a community atmosphere. Of course, there are still opportunities to rent private office space too for those really important months where you need to focus! From conference rooms to lounge areas, booth-like nooks for smaller meetings to phone call pods, private office spaces to shared desk areas – there truly is an option for all needs. Many business use color to differentiate between the spaces in their office, using materials such as varia ecoresin panels to give the office a colorful and bright appearance. In fact, it has been proven that working in a colorful space, in comparison to a plain one, helps creativity for employees and boosts company morale! My favourite part of working at Spaces is the quiet buzz of productivity that emanates from its community members – it is so invigorating and keeps me focused. Office spaces like this that offer a lot to their occupants are really starting to become popular; the option of a Serviced Office From Be Offices is one that allows the business in that workspace to focus on their business while Be Offices handles the operations side of things.

The team at Spaces really emphasizes the importance of building an environment that fits in with the neighborhood or building in which they now reside. I’ve had the opportunity to visit three of their locations and it’s something you notice straight away. The design is important to them and they try (*and succeed) to embody the spirit of their surroundings wanting to inspire their community members.

Spaces truly believes that success cultivates more success and they are constantly adding to their repertoire of services to better serve their community and their members. There is a constant flow of networking events, speakers, celebrations and conversations held in the different locations and they invite all their members to get involved. And as a member, you also have access to all the locations worldwide – which means you now also have an office in over 30 countries and counting. đŸ˜‰

Most of the Spaces locations feature a private outdoor area – which is perfect for taking a quick fresh air break to reinvigorate those brain cells… and snap a photo with a great view!

If you’re reading this and thinking: sure, but my business just doesn’t really suit the “office” kind of locale, allow me to introduce you to Dave who runs his barbershop in the Mile End location in Montreal. No time to leave the office for a quick haircut or shave? Dave’s got you covered!

(For the record: there is also a composer who has set-up over 6 keyboards in an office at the Montreal location and many other “unconventional” businesses in Spaces locations all over the world!)

Recently, Spaces opened two new Canadian locations: one in Yorkville, here in Toronto, and one in Gastown, in Vancouver. I’ve visited the Yorkville location and it truly captures the elegant, upscale and prestigious vibe of the area. It’s the perfect spot to accelerate your business. In Gastown, Spaces offers a modern workspace in a thriving, vibrant, historic neighbourhood that is sure to spark your creativity.

If you’ve already dropped by the Spaces website and were disappointed that there wasn’t one near you – don’t fret! There are already plans to open more all over Canada and the world, including two more locations each in Toronto and Vancouver alike.

Many of the people in my life juggle quite a few different jobs – whether it be a full on full-time business, a brand new start-up, a couple side hustles or a combination of all them we are busy people and having a dedicated workspace is becoming more and more important. I think it’s probably high time that I stop working in bed and only start working at Spaces. So, who’s joining me?

After two and half years on bed rest or visiting hospitals and doctor’s offices, I’m thrilled to be truly alive and back in the real world again! I’m trying to balance being a good #spoonie patient with chasing my dreams and I’d love it if you followed along with me on my journey. You can find me on Instagram or on Twitter – please come say hi and tell me about what is important to you!

I hope you are having a lovely day + I can’t wait to speak with you soon!



Photos by Annick Sheedy McLellan & Do The Daniel

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