Maybe It’s Time For A Refresh This Spring

With Spring cleaning, purging our closets to do consignment here in Ottawa in an effort to put a bit of money in our pocket, donating items that could use a good new home, I’m all about making the right changes to my mindset and my home. Of course Spring also usually brings the launch of some of my favourite brands with the latest model – and this year Vitamix definitely has me browsing which model I could see on my counter.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Getting ready to #LoveMyHood and love myself this spring

As March comes to an end, the air seems to be getting warmer and (fingers crossed) that means that spring is around the corner. After what has been a confusing winter, I am ready to shed the winter wardrobe for something more energetic. Atheletica is a great fit for someone like me who has a renewed sense of self, fitness goals in mind, but who also wants to express myself and my personality. Bench Canada has an amazing SS16 lineup of items that I can’t wait to get my hands and I’m excited to share a few of my favourites with you all! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Getting ready to #LoveMyHood and love myself this spring”

Travel & Lifestyle | What are your travel musts?

As I sit in the Toronto Pearson International Airport, I am finally ready to board the plane and head to the Dominican Republic with Gracie and Julio. It has been a busy year, and we all deserve an amazing vacation. Thanks to our friends Booking Hello & Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we were able to create just that. Read all about what we have in store by clicking HERE. So… once booked, it came down to organizing our travel must haves. Check out some of the items I would never travel without below! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | What are your travel musts?”