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Although February has me excited for Valentine’s Day, I know that I’m personally starting to feel those winter blues. Whether it’s that wanderlust for another adventure, or the fact that I’m tired and looking to spice up my cooking in the colder months, I decided it was time to share three recipes inspired by the Chilean Summer using Fruits from Chile that I can find at my local grocery store. If you’re seeking ways to wow your guests, or just enjoy a romantic night in with that special someone, come see what I came up with just in time for some much needed comfort this winter! 

You’ll have seen that we launched an exciting new video with our friends at Produce Made Simple where I had the chance to share three delicious recipes using Peaches, Nectarines & Plum from Chile since they are now in season. If we can’t be there to enjoy the Chilean summer, this is the next best thing. Take a look at the video below in case you haven’t seen it yet! 

I wanted to make sure you had the chance to try the recipes for yourself, so take a look at these three warm recipes below and try them today with your friends and family! 

Peachy Keen Mocktail (click here to watch the video

  • 2 fresh peaches from Chile, washed and roughly chopped
  • ½ cup of ice cubes
  • Juice from about half of one lemon
  • Chilled Hibiscus tea or your favourite red berry tea (Approx. one oz per mocktail)
  • Garnish with edible flowers and slices of fresh peach

Click here for the few simple steps to make this tasty treat that is not only beautiful, but full of great things your body needs in the colder months! An option the whole family can enjoy – I encourage you to whip up a batch of them, throw on some Netflix during the next snow day with the kids, and dream of warmer weather with something that will leave them asking for seconds. 

Nectar of The Gods (click here to follow along with how to make it

  • 1/2 oz Brandy
  • 2 Nectarines from Chile, Juiced
  • 1.5 oz of Sparkling wine of choice

There is a trick to making this twist on a Mimosa that you’ll need to know, but trust me when I say that this golden elixir will be the perfect brunch pairing using some delicious #FruitsFromChile. If your local grocery store is sold out of fresh nectarines (I know I always buy them in bulk because they go so quickly) feel free to swap out for peaches in this recipe! 

Chilean Bramble (click here for my favourite of the three recipes

  • 1/2 oz Gin
  • 1/2 oz Chilean Pisco
  • 1/2 oz Chambord or your favourite berry liqueur 
  • A squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 Plum from Chile, thinly sliced
  • Ice to serve

This cocktail is one I am very proud of because it’s the perfect balance of sweet & tart – not to mention a fun twist you can make that I show you here to really wow your guests. Looking for something to enjoy on your next girls night, or to sip while getting ready for a night out on the town? This is the recipe for you! 

I’m so happy with how these turned out and would love to know your thoughts. For these and other delicious recipes, make sure to check out 

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