Doing Things A Little Differently This Year

Like the rest of the world, I find myself longing for moments that make me happy while I stay home and physically distance. 2020 has proven to be a year of much needed change, challenge and choice. So amid all of this and finding little things to make my life more beautiful, I wanted to share about one of my favourite times of year and why this year, we will be doing things a little differently for it.

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What Good Friends Are Made Of

I think of my favourite parts about #DoTheDaniel is sharing stories and experiences that I am lucky enough to have with friends and loved ones around the world. We have done so much travel this year, and I am itching to get back to the airport for another adventure. Recently our friends at St. Rémy Brandy launched a contest for YOU to enter (before December 12th) for a chance to win a trip for you and three friends. I’ve already entered the contest and encourage you all to take a minute to do the same – come see how easy it is to win such an amazing experience! Continue reading “What Good Friends Are Made Of”