Celebrate #NationalCocktailDay With My Favourite New Cocktail!

It’s no shock that when I can get creative with cocktail recipes, I will. But that being said I realize that many people might be intimidated by the idea of making themselves their favourite drink while they #StayHome. Thankfully my love of DISARONNO┬áis back and better than ever – and this recipe is so easy, you’ll be shocked at how good it is!

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Being Home Together Has Taught Me The Following About My Relationship

While it may feel as though we are going into week 432 of stay home measures, I am left feeling as though I may have finally found a grove that works for me. Every day feels a tiny bit more normal, and I am trying to remind myself to not be so hard on myself if I don’t write a novel and run a marathon each day.

Of course, the “hot topic” that a lot of us might not want to talk about is what effects being home 24/7 is having on our relationships. Spending this much time together may be forcing you to rediscover what you like and don’t like about one another. For Julio and I, it’s felt like a whirlwind of emotions to say the least. So I thought I might share some insight on what being home together has taught me about my relationship.

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Everyday Brunch Is A Thing Now

So it seems everyone and their dog is now a fitness influencer sharing their workouts online with you while also baking bread, all while simultaneously going live on Instagram and offering you tips for x, y and z, right?*

I’ll be honest, I am a part of that world, and even I’m tired of it. I love that people are finding a way to control what they can, and for some that means content overload. But when it comes to my mental health, I sometimes need to turn off the news and social media and focus on things in my home for my family and I.

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