The Only Spring Wine Guide You’ll Need

I don’t often like to make bold overarching statements using words like favourite, best, always (or the such) because in almost every case it diminishes someone else. I guess in that way I am very much a Libra and people pleaser, not looking to rock the proverbial boat. That being said, after ten years I think I’m a little tired of corporate entities or governing organizations pushing out guides that are ultimately pay for play and have nothing to do with the hard work or incredible wine being produced in Canada. Those with marketing dollars looking to get seen and be noticed on a shelf, in a magazine, or via an article too often outshine the real stars of the Canadian wine world.

Not here, and certainly not with me. I’m about a genuine support local energy and that is why I gathered together my ultimate wine list for the spring, and I can assure you that I didn’t charge anyone to be on this list. Instead I’m sharing them because they are creating some of my absolute favourite bottles right now and if you’re a wine lover too, this is a great way to explore what Canada has to offer.

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, all Things Considered

No one needs to tell you that this Valentine’s Day is going to be different than last year. If I hear one more person remind me that it’s the anniversary of something COVID related, I might actually scream. The world that we live in is heavy at the best of times these days, so I actually look forward to reasons to celebrate and smile. I thought that I might share some ways you can do the same this year in hopes I might inspire a little love and joy in your life.

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An Exceptional Experience to end an Exceptional Year

How do you end the year that 2020 became? I am aware of the blessings I have had and the good times I have enjoyed – but it has definitely not been the year I expected. Many of us in our day-to-day have had to pivot, adapt, conserve and find joy in what we have. The holidays have become this beautiful beacon in my life and NYE is something I am really looking forward to with the best experience I can think of to enjoy at home.

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(Some of) My Favourite Toronto Restaurants To Get You Hungry

As someone that has worked in the restaurant industry in some capacity for almost fifteen years, my heart is heavy for the city of Toronto right now. I don’t want to focus too much on the challenges because that would detract from the message of this post – how we all can support local small businesses and restaurants throughout the last few weeks of 2020. So in an attempt to get you hungry and ordering curbside pickup or delivery, here is my list of (some) of the restaurants I love most.

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