How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, all Things Considered

No one needs to tell you that this Valentine’s Day is going to be different than last year. If I hear one more person remind me that it’s the anniversary of something COVID related, I might actually scream. The world that we live in is heavy at the best of times these days, so I actually look forward to reasons to celebrate and smile. I thought that I might share some ways you can do the same this year in hopes I might inspire a little love and joy in your life.

So when it comes to celebrating, it goes without saying that I’m going to be sharing a lot of local love in this post. While I am physically separated from those I love, emotionally I am right there with them via a thoughtful gift that helps to support a small business or brand that I love. Because when all I want to do is give them a hug, for the time being, an awesome gift will have to do.

Thoughtful is a mantra of mine this year. Though my husband may be the king of gift cards – and no tea, no shade, those are great – I like to dig a little deeper and make the recipient feel like I was listening to what they asked for.

So let’s get in to it.

For the friend you wanna send something special to, might I suggest a locally made candle? Apothegeri recently came to the Canadian market and is run by a friend of mine. But I’m not about special treatment on the blog – these candles are incredible. Unique scents, quirky names and they last which I really appreciate considering it always seems Julio is burning a candle these days! Order as many as you can because she always sells out so quickly!

Similarly launched over the last year, Asher is all about a luxury one-of-a-kind experience and I’ve just as much of a fan of this brand. From the sample scents that you can pre-order to get a sniff to the arrival of the luxe packaging. This is definitely a gift to spoil yourself or someone special.

The best give I’m giving myself for #ValentinesDay is to not cook. While I love to be in the kitchen, this time of year is meant to be celebrated with good food, drink, and cuddles – not interrupted by prepping, cooking and cleaning up after a special meal. So when I found out that Four Seasons Hotel Toronto and Café Boulud are offering breakfast, dinner and romantic options, I knew that I would be opting for something spectacular from their menu for Julio yes, but more so myself. Because #SelfLove ❤️

Would it be Valentine’s Day without flowers? Over the course of the last year I’ve been enamored with what has to offer those of us in Toronto. They have launched an amazing Valentine’s Day collection that I would be more than happy to receive – hint hint Julio. I also am excited to be working with their team more over the coming year so stay tuned for more exciting content coming soon to social media. And yes, you’ve waited long enough to order flowers so order them right now. I’ll wait.

Chocolate is always a delicious way to make someone feel special. After all those holiday posts on Instagram, it should be no surprise that I’m talking about Purdys Chocolatier and their Valentine’s offering. I’ll take one of each if anyone is taking notes. Just throwing that out there.

And I mean chocolate pretty much is a universal icon of February and love, so why not enjoy some of my favourite in Canada? Just saying.

I have been and will always been a fan of sharing Canadian wineries, wines and stories. When it comes to Ontario wines specifically, you can’t go wrong with me. And as I continue to explore Wine Country Ontario and everything #VQA I hope that I can continue to you #SupportLocal with me during special occasions like Feb 14th or on a random Wednesday after a hectic day working. There’s always a good time to cheers with a delicious glass of wine.

Bubbly is and has always been a way to make me smile – and I’m not sorry to admit that. Recently I saw that Dom Pérignon released a limited edition bottle and I’ve realized I need it in my life. The Dom Pérignon Lenny Kravitz Brut Champagne 2008 is definitely a splurge item for those wanting to impress their boo. Or me. You’ll impress me if you send me one.

And I’ll love you forever.

Ideas for the kids for Valentine’s Day are sometimes overlooked. I recently was introduce to Slim Slam Slimes and can’t get enough – I’m actually gonna order some for my niece and nephew in Ottawa. I think things that can keep the young ones entertained (or distracted, whichever you opt to use as a word) is tops in my books. And it supports a small business at the same time!

Finally, sometimes adding something new to your wardrobe is the perfect way to celebrate a day of love. Recently you would have read on about the Levi’s Canada x Pokémon collection. While we know I am a big denim person, the fact that one of my favourite brands have collaborated with a childhood moment so powerful literally has me hunting for the entire collection for my own personal use. Normally I’d be looking for Julio when it comes to fashion, but this is too good and I simply have to catch ’em all when the collection drops.

Speaking of clothing I simply need in my life – and I know I’m late to the game, but a Roots sweat suit is an absolute must in 2021 for my life when I’m home. Which, let’s be honest, is often. I want a matching top and bottom in this quintessential Canadian fashion and I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make that dream a reality.

So that’s my list of things to make Valentine’s Day more beautiful this year. To show your friends, your family, your kids, your lover and yourself that life still have beautiful things to enjoy, all things considered.

From us to you, Happy Valentine’s Day  ?

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year, and the next!

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