Events | Zipcar Officially Launches in Ottawa

Living in the city is great.  Driving in the city… not so much.  And the cost of owning a car in the city?  Ummm I think I’ll pass.  But sometimes I just need one.  How do I get to those awesome organic farms outside of the ol’ big smoke?  I can’t really ride my bike there (unless I had like 3 days to spare and a rock hard butt).  So what if I feel like grabbing a car while on vacation abroad but don’t want to spend and arm and a leg to get one? 

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Health & Nutrition | Shangri-La | The Healthy Oasis

It’s no secret that I love Toronto.  My aim is to travel back there as much as humanly possible.  But, much like the many other health-conscious people out there, I struggle with the whole planning aspect.  What do I eat while I’m on-the-go?  How do I keep up with my healthy routine when it feels like there is no routine at all?  How do I truly enjoy myself without throwing off all of the hard work and progress that I’ve made?

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