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Events | Zipcar Officially Launches in Ottawa

Living in the city is great.  Driving in the city… not so much.  And the cost of owning a car in the city?  Ummm I think I’ll pass.  But sometimes I just need one.  How do I get to those awesome organic farms outside of the ol’ big smoke?  I can’t really ride my bike there (unless I had like 3 days to spare and a rock hard butt).  So what if I feel like grabbing a car while on vacation abroad but don’t want to spend and arm and a leg to get one? 

Well, that’s where the “wheels when you want them” idea comes in.  Zipcar is the world’s leading car sharing network with operations worldwide and over 50 makes and models to choose from.  It’s an affordable, convenient and safe alternative to car ownership.  With your membership, you can reserve by the hour or day in any of the hundreds of cities and towns around the world where Zipcar operates. 


The vehicles are parked in designated spots for ease of pick up and drop off.  If you’re in a hurry, they can be reserved on the spot in just seconds using the Zipcar mobile app, online or over the phone.  Each reservation includes gas, insurance and 200km of driving per day!  The all-inclusive rates start as low as $7.75 per hour and $66 per day.  They also offer programs with additional discounts such as Zipcar for Business.


With sustainability in mind, the company encourages car sharing to reduce CO2 emissions.  Studies have shown that with every car shared, there is a reduction of at least 15 cars on the road.  They are committed to providing responsible alternatives to supporting the global environment, communities and city livability.


Amanda and I were fortunate enough to attend the launch of Zipcar in Ottawa to watch the official ribbon cutting ceremony in our very own Byward Market.  We were shown a detailed demo of how easily the keyless entry card, called a “Zipcard”, works when you’re ready to grab a car and go!  They will now feature 23 Zipcars across the Nation’s Capital in areas like Centretown, Lowertown and the Glebe. 


“Zipcar is thrilled to be expanding our ‘wheels when you want them’ service to Canada’s capital,” said Kaye Ceille, president of Zipcar.  “Area residents now have all the benefits of car ownership without the cost and hassles, while helping the city reduce congestion and alleviate parking demand.”

“I am pleased to see Zipcar come to Ottawa,” said Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor.  “Whether it’s to get groceries, go to a meeting, take a trip, or just to go for a drive, many people in Ottawa who do not own a car still want access to one on occasion, and Zipcar allows for that in a safe and convenient way.”


The whole Do The Daniel team has already signed up for memberships and we would encourage you to do the same!  Even if you already own a vehicle, it would still be an asset to you when travelling.  For more information about Zipcar or to find out of how you can sign up, visit their website or Facebook page

Photos: Amanda Hayden

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