Here’s How Our Little Modern Family Is Celebrating Thanksgiving

I will always do my best to find positive in a negative situation. I try to always find the proverbial silver lining – and while not everyone is like me, I know that it personally helps me get through the harder days. And boy oh boy, there’s been a few of those in 2020.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I realized that this year has been pretty extraordinary – and so to celebrate and give thanks for what we have, Julio, Catherine, Canela & I are going to celebrate in an extraordinary way. Because we deserve it, and so do you.

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The positive effects of friendship

Going into the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, a lot of us will start to think about what we are thankful for. For me, the list is long. But I don’t think there is anything, or anyone, that I am more grateful for than Catherine. After twenty years of friendship, we have lived a lot of memories, hairstyles, and moments together. So I thought I would take a few moments to share some of those memories and why I love her so much. Friendship is a vital thing in this crazy world, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend!  Continue reading “The positive effects of friendship”

Food & Drink | Enjoying the perfect Chandon cocktail for Thanksgiving

With the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend finally here, it’s time to get ready for friends and family to join together again. What better way to enjoy this sometimes hectic holiday season than with a delicious cocktail? This year we chose a special cocktail using Chandon as our inspiration for the entire weekend. Warm flavours to get cozy with, come see why we are sipping on an ‘Autumn Jewel’. Continue reading “Food & Drink | Enjoying the perfect Chandon cocktail for Thanksgiving”

Food & Drink | Thanksgiving is great, but Friendsgiving is better!

I think as I’ve gotten older, I have come to appreciate that time at home with friends is more important than I once thought. There is something so relaxing about gathering together a few friends over a delicious home cooked meal, some good wine, and much needed laughs. I was reminded of just that when I sat down with friends and colleagues at Antler Kitchen & Bar to enjoy a delicious meal created by Chef Michael Hunter paired with four of the nine new wines that are hitting shelves just in time for the fall at your local LCBO. So much so, that I am planning my very own ‘Friendsgiving’ before the Thanksgiving season begins. Come and see what we will be eating & drinking, all inspired by the new #LCBOtastelocal fall mantra: Live. Love. Taste Local.  Continue reading “Food & Drink | Thanksgiving is great, but Friendsgiving is better!”