The positive effects of friendship

Going into the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, a lot of us will start to think about what we are thankful for. For me, the list is long. But I don’t think there is anything, or anyone, that I am more grateful for than Catherine. After twenty years of friendship, we have lived a lot of memories, hairstyles, and moments together. So I thought I would take a few moments to share some of those memories and why I love her so much. Friendship is a vital thing in this crazy world, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend! 

Catherine and I met in high school in Ottawa. Grade 10 saw me moving to a new school and it took some time for me to adjust. We were both very different people back then, and looking back, we actually didn’t really get along for a little while. But once we clicked, it was as though she were another sibling. Since that point in our lives, we have traveled the world together, started this business, and been there for one another through some pretty rough moments. 

Friendship isn’t something I have always been very good at. Unfortunately, one of my character flaws is that once someone hurts me or breaks my trust, I am quick to cut them out of my life completely. Call it self-preservation. But Catherine and her stubborn resilience, has been a crucial part of my life. From a failed engagement years ago, to the loss of several family members, she has offered me emotional support. But I think when you’ve been friends for this long, its so much more than that. She knows me better than anyone does on this planet. The good, the bad and the ugly. All of it. And still to this day can calm me down, cheer me up, and make me laugh until I cry. 

So, without further ado, here are some special memories that Catherine & I have shared over twenty years of friendship. Hope you enjoy seeing what we looked like!

I thought it important to remind her that without her support, both personally and professionally, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Here is to twenty more years of friendship my dear Catherine. What hair colour should we try next?! 

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Photos: Daniel Reyes

Daniel Reyes

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