Ottawa Just Got a Lot More Delicious

Today’s the day Ottawa – yes, this blog post is dedicated to you as a city and something fabulous that just arrived that is for you to enjoy before most Canadian cities. That’s right, the famous Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizza which took Mississauga by storm in 2022 has arrived, and you can now enjoy it at 12 locations around the city. I had the pleasure of trying them today and all I can say is YUM!

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A New Lunch Favourite For The Busy Person on The Go

I am of course always one to practice slowing down to enjoy things a little more, but the fact remains a lot of us during the day are running around and don’t have much time. I know that work takes me to and from a computer, family obligations, cleaning and before I know it I’ve usually forgotten to make myself lunch. Well, thankfully there’s a few new menu items available just around the corner at my local Tim Hortons and I couldn’t be more excited to try them. Let me tell you why!

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