A New Lunch Favourite For The Busy Person on The Go

I am of course always one to practice slowing down to enjoy things a little more, but the fact remains a lot of us during the day are running around and don’t have much time. I know that work takes me to and from a computer, family obligations, cleaning and before I know it I’ve usually forgotten to make myself lunch. Well, thankfully there’s a few new menu items available just around the corner at my local Tim Hortons and I couldn’t be more excited to try them. Let me tell you why!

It’s kind of a full circle moment for me in a lot of ways writing about Tim Hortons sitting in my dining room in Ottawa, blogging and thriving doing what I love full time. Many years ago (never you mind how many) Catherine and I would take my beaten up second hand car on our spare or before high school and drive to the Tim Hortons on trim road to get a coffee and sit in the parking lot listening to music.

Tims was a part of my foundational years as a teen on a daily basis, and over the years has grown to be so much more than an amazing coffee spot. In the past few years specifically, the food menu has been created to meet the needs of Canadians from coast to coast, especially those of us in a hurry. Lunch on the go doesn’t have to be bad for you any more, and these bowls honestly are a great way for me to get in the protein and flavour I need after a workout!

Loaded Bowls are available in two deliciously satisfying flavours ­– Cilantro Lime and Habanero Chicken – and are prepared fresh to order with either crispy or slow-cooked chicken, plus hearty grains and fresh cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. Guests can also order a Cilantro Lime Veggie Loaded Bowl or a Habanero Veggie Loaded Bowl.

“With so many Canadians rediscovering their work routines we’re excited to be introducing Loaded Bowls, which are going to become a go-to lunch favourite, and a quick and easy crowd-pleasing dinner option to order on the way home – and at a price that offers great value for money,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons.

I’m personally going to grab one myself for lunch today and encourage you to try something new for lunch this week too. You may just realize how much you love Tims, or love it even more!

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