Bloom Back!

Now that the semester is finally finished, I actually have time to breathe and do things for myself again. It feels pretty nice if I’m being perfectly honest. I’m now working part-time asides from staying busy with the blog, but it’s great to do things for myself and give back to those around me that I love.  Continue reading “Bloom Back!”

Sometimes Words Just Aren’t Enough

I don’t like to admit it, but I’m a bit of a sap sometimes (shhh don’t tell anyone). And I think some of my friends and family have figured me out, because they know how to pull at these strings quite well now. For example, I recently had a ridiculous life moment where I truly felt like I was in my 35th year of life. I dropped something on my bathroom floor while I was getting ready in the morning, bent over to pick it up and pulled my back out. Needless to say, I didn’t make it off of my couch all day until I worked on getting the pain to subside. 

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Could this be any more perfect?

By now it should come as no surprise that we love sending flowers to special people in Toronto thanks to our favourite flower delivery service, Tonic Blooms. Now that another busy holiday has come and gone and I can refocus on connecting with special people in my life, I’ve been sending a lot of beautiful bouquets of flowers around Toronto using their amazing services. ICYMI, earlier this week the talented @Leeloodles launched a collaboration with Tonic Blooms that is almost too cute for words. Not only can you order the bouquet, but it helps to give back to an amazing charity AND you get a limited edition tote bag!

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Valentine’s Day made easy with my go-to gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions where I like to spoil the people I love. Showing the love you have for someone through a gift can be difficult, but with so many options out there nowadays, it’s actually easier than ever before. Have you ever considered this 3D Photo Moon Lamp With Text & Photo that’s personalized to the two of you, or cooking your partner’s favourite meal? Whether you’re a last minute gift buyer, or someone who puts a little bit of planning into the romance of February 14th, I have gathered together some of my favourite gift ideas for those of you who live or are visiting Toronto this month. Take a look and get the inspiration you need to make this year the best Valentine’s Day yet! Continue reading “Valentine’s Day made easy with my go-to gifts”