Bloom Back!

Now that the semester is finally finished, I actually have time to breathe and do things for myself again. It feels pretty nice if I’m being perfectly honest. I’m now working part-time asides from staying busy with the blog, but it’s great to do things for myself and give back to those around me that I love. 

We all work so hard in our day-to-day lives, and I cannot stress the importance of recognizing this for ourselves, and giving back to those you love, even if it’s in simple acts of kindness or gestures to make someone smile. It’s okay to be about that whole “self-love” thing sometimes.

One simple way that I love to give back to myself is with flowers. Last summer when I lived in Niagara, I would always have my own garden, which is a way I would give back to myself. Daniel is a testament to that (click here to see how). Not only because I would be able to look at pretty flowers, but I gave time to myself to relax and actually work on something that was just for me.

As mentioned above, flowers are a fantastic way to spoil yourself, and now that I’m living in Toronto for the summer, I can do it more often with Tonic Blooms. Though I miss my garden, with Tonic Blooms, flowers and just because gifts for myself and others are just a few clicks away, then at my doorstep!


V into this ? colour palette, you feel? ? #thefarmboy

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How do you show your loved ones that you appreciate them? Through words, gifts, creative experiences? I’ve done all three however, Tonic Blooms has been a big part of making it so wonderful. Throwback to Daniel’s birthday – since he is someone who appreciates simple things like surprise flowers- The DTD team and I organized a beautiful bouquet that was delivered straight to his door. I told them the colour palette and to include Calla Lillies (Daniel loves those), and they created something beautiful that Daniel will never forget.

If you’re not too picky, they have a variety of pre-selected bouquets to choose from, such as “The Princess” which is filled with pretty peonies! (Daniel loves those too)

If you attended DTDxSpaces, you would have received a Tonic Blooms discount card- which I was very excited about! We were so thankful to have them included in our swag bags, as they are my favourite floral service in Toronto. So if you’re like me and need a little something to make yourself smile, or to share the love with your friends and family in the city, I encourage you to check out

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From Toronto with Love,

Gemma Mastroianni

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