Life is busy. So now what?

Last year, I caught myself saying things like “I’ll get to it when things aren’t so crazy” or “There isn’t enough time in the day!” The funny thing is that the more connected we are with one another online and around the world, I think that sometimes we become less connected with ourselves. I had to face some pretty challenging moments that have offered me a perspective on life that I now use as a pseudo-mantra of sorts. Today I wanted to share a few life hacks that I use to keep myself balanced and from loosing my sh*t on those days when it all feels like too much.  Continue reading “Life is busy. So now what?”

#DoTheDaniel’s Holiday Gift Guide | Catherine

What do I want for the holidays? A question I ask myself every year! Usually, I have a long list and often consists of novelty gifts such as a Bobblehead personalisiert, but this year I’m not sure what to wish for… Well other than to officially change my birthday from December 24th to nowhere anywhere near the holidays, all I really want is to give presence, not presents. That’s why my gift guide is all about the act of giving. Giving your energy, giving back to the earth, giving to the universe and giving yourself some serious love during the holidays. Welcome to the Holistic Nutritionist’s Gift Guide (cue the hippy granola here).

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