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What do I want for the holidays? A question I ask myself every year! Usually, I have a long list and often consists of novelty gifts such as a Bobblehead personalisiert, but this year I’m not sure what to wish for… Well other than to officially change my birthday from December 24th to nowhere anywhere near the holidays, all I really want is to give presence, not presents. That’s why my gift guide is all about the act of giving. Giving your energy, giving back to the earth, giving to the universe and giving yourself some serious love during the holidays. Welcome to the Holistic Nutritionist’s Gift Guide (cue the hippy granola here).

1. Saje Wellness Pocket Pharmacy

A must-have natural pharmacy for every day! This kit includes five therapeutic remedy roll-ons – Peppermint Halo, Stress Release, Pain Release, Immune and Eater’s Digest. Containing 100% natural products, Saje Natural Wellness is a Canadian company and produces some of the most beautiful products I have ever tried. I love this kit in particular because I can just throw it in my purse and slather on the oils in any situation. With the weather changing and shifting constantly, I’ve been using the Peppermint Halo to cure my headaches. And let me tell you, the stress of the holiday season has left me smelling like the Soothing Stress Release Remedy every day. Help to boost your immune system with the virus fighting Immune Remedy and release pain and muscle tension with the Pain Release Remedy. I use the Eater’s Digest Remedy when I’ve decided to take on a serious food baby by gorging myself on too many healthy treats!

2. Progressive VegEssentials All in One

Yes, I know it’s a bit strange to include a supplement powder in my gift guide, but hey – I’m a nutritionist. I want to give the gift of HEALTH. Who doesn’t need a little extra boost during the holidays? If I could put every single product from Progressive in here, I would. They are a fantastic company with high quality products and actual proven results. The VegEssential All in One powder combines the benefit of an entire cupboard full of supplements. One scoop is chock full of protein, greens, fibre, antioxidants, Omega-3’s, vitamins and minerals. There is also a WheyEssentials for those who prefer the dairy source of protein (and yes they use a clean source) but I chose the plant-based powder as it’s a more neutral option for everyone! Plants help to balance our pH levels, support proper digestion and help with detoxification. Keep eating your vegetables and Live Younger™ with Progressive this holiday season!

3. Gaiam Orla Keily Collection

Give the gift of balance and wellness this year with the beautiful new limited edition products launching soon in Canada from Gaiam. Featuring fashion designer Orla Kiely’s signature leaf patterns, this line of yoga mats and accessories will be available exclusively in Target stores for a limited time. Kiely’s designs will be available on several of Gaiam’s favorite products: the 3mm yoga mat, Dual-Grip yoga towel and yoga blocks. The products come in multiple designs and colours so that consumers can mix and match depending on their preference. I remember walking the streets of London when I lived there, spotting her designs on accessories, kitchenware, stationary and even cars. But this is her first time delving into the world of yoga products and I can’t tell you how excited I am by how stunning these products are. Loving your fitness gear will always help to motivate you to get moving!

4. Fitset Pass

Speaking of fitness, why not make it easy and convenient? You’re more likely to tackle those new years resolutions if you’ve got an all-access pass to your health. Fitset is Toronto’s fitness pass. For $49, you get a 6 month pass for 20 classes across 20 selected studios in the city. It’s built around drop-in classes so studios have opened their doors to the members wherever there’s a spot free. The whole idea is to introduce you to different studios around the city without the full commitment – just like a trial. You can explore whatever different workouts and classes you choose, designing it for yourself. After your workout, you can provide feedback to them and the studio, and then share your experience with your friends. Brilliant!

5. Earth Elements

Anyone who knows me understands that I’m passionate about surrounding myself with the things that ground me. From my friends, family, business partners and surroundings, to physical tangible things like my crystals. I had to include Earth Elements in my gift guide because when my Wellness Sister Sandra got married, she wore two of these bracelets. The meaning behind them and the effect they had on her that day genuinely touched me. Based in Calgary, Earth Elements is a company supported by the Earth, nourished by the Sun, connected to the Moon and energized by the stars (this is totally Catherine-talk here). Their philosophy is all about living in tune with Mother Earth and the sacred wisdom of the Universe. Ahhhh… sounds just perfect doesn’t it?

6. The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards

I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with these cards. Like it’s a serious problem here, folks. I’ll whip out my crystals and sage to give myself or others a reading every now and then. It’s all intuitive for me but I’m always inspired by the imagery and the stories the cards are telling me. The artwork on each of the 78 cards is stunning and all intricately illustrated by the founder, Kim Krans. They’re for beginners and seasoned experts alike, all of whom are just looking to open their minds and discover a little something new about the Universe. If you’re new to tarot reading, you might want to visit a tarot reader first to see how they work. Take a look at the most accurate online tarot card reading services available to better understand their uses, and then you can read your own cards! Not up for a deck of tarot cards but still love the beautiful artwork? They carry a whole line of clothing, prints and jewellery too.

7. NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is my homeboy. It completely balances me and puts me in my happy place. I first discovered this diffuser at Peaches and Green and haven’t looked back since. It’s so easy to use! You just throw in some warm water, an essential oil of your choosing (my personal favourite being Veeva Anxiety) and plug it in. BAM! It’s BPA-free and uses high-frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an ultra-fine aromatherapy mist.

I’m very particular about diffusers. I look for ones that can make vapor without using a heat source, and this one is right up there in that category. As it doesn’t use any heat, the essential oils maintain their integrity and holistic properties, much like it would with a car diffuser from AromaTech. It’s a fantastic, healthier, non-toxic alternative to synthetic room fresheners and scented candles.

8. Tori’s Bakeshop

One word: Donuts. Two words: HEALTHY donuts. Oh, did I get your attention yet? Everything from this cute little eco-friendly all-natural organic vegan/vegetarian bakeshop in the beaches is delicious. Seriously, I’ve never been disappointed. From their unique sandwiches, to their “pizza” pockets, to their cupcakes and donuts (and cupcakes TOPPED with donuts?!), to their beautifully crafted coffees and teas. Any chance I get, I’m on a streetcar headed east to sit in their beautiful space and soak in the atmosphere (and eat ALL of the donuts). So why not add some of their healthy fresh baked treats to your Holidays? They offer many delicious alternatives like dairy-free, egg-free, casein-free and refined sugar-free gluten-free treats of all sorts! Something for everyone… but all the donuts for me.

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Happy Holidays my friends, whatever that means to you, Love Catherine

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