Lifestyle | His & Hers Pollogen Body Treatments

For those of you who are unaware, the way that I like to approach is always in an authentic manner in order to offer you our voices as they interact with the brands and topics we select to feature. Catherine & I are known to offer a vulnerability that some might consider quite raw, but it is in our belief that this same vulnerability is relatable for each and every one of you since it is genuine and true. ┬áRecently, we both had the opportunity to try out the celebrity Pollogen Body Treatment and we are about to tell you in a very intimate his & hers post all about our experience. To avoid confusion, you will find my voice in italics to the right of the screen while Catherine’s will be in bold to the left. Our hope is that in baring all (quite literally) you can come to understand what the lifestyle of Pollogen Body & Face treatments in Canada in all about. Continue reading “Lifestyle | His & Hers Pollogen Body Treatments”