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For those of you who are unaware, the way that I like to approach is always in an authentic manner in order to offer you our voices as they interact with the brands and topics we select to feature. Catherine & I are known to offer a vulnerability that some might consider quite raw, but it is in our belief that this same vulnerability is relatable for each and every one of you since it is genuine and true.  Recently, we both had the opportunity to try out the celebrity Pollogen Body Treatment and we are about to tell you in a very intimate his & hers post all about our experience. To avoid confusion, you will find my voice in italics to the right of the screen while Catherine’s will be in bold to the left. Our hope is that in baring all (quite literally) you can come to understand what the lifestyle of Pollogen Body & Face treatments in Canada in all about.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of our experience and post some before and after shots, first let me explain what the Pollogen Body Treatment is all about. The official site would tell you that the treatment is “a painless lunch hour beauty procedure that spot treats problem areas on the body including cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, loose skin and stubborn fat pockets with amazing results and no downtime.” But what exactly does it entail? Using the industry leading technology known as Tri-Polar Radio Frequency Technology, the doctor who performs the procedure uses the latest in non-evasive aesthetic treatments to essentially reshape and rejuvenate the body. As you lay down and focus upon those stubborn areas the gym and healthy eating simply can’t target, the equipment used is passed over the area in order to stimulate the desired results.  The following video explains exactly what the procedure entails in further detail:

“In addition to safely heating four layers of the skin from within to accelerate natural fat metabolism for the body to use as fuel, restructuring existing collagen and increasing collagen production, the updated generation TriPollar technology employs Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), which encourages more rapid fat metabolism while tightening and toning the muscle. ”

Sound too good to be true?  Well, we thought so too at first glance over the information provided to us.  Upon arriving at Versus Laser Clinic located here in Toronto, Catherine & I were sat down and given an information session to educate us on the procedure we were about to undergo. I felt at ease once Dr. Vadim Sinavski explained to us from start to finish what we would be undergoing. In a world where we are all looking for a quick fix for our body and possible body issues, I felt informed and reassured that we were in the hands of an expert. So, let’s speak to our experience shall we?


Listen, I don’t need to do stuff like this, I’m already perfect – said no one ever.  But really, all jokes aside, I was absolutely apprehensive about getting this treatment done.  I thought it would go against everything I believe in as a Nutritionist, but the more I was educated on how the procedure works down to a cellular level (I’m a huge science nerd) and the more questions I speed-bombarded Dr. Sinavski with, the better I felt about it.  As we got started, I thought about how it would be quite similar to the ultrasounds I’ve had before in my many years of going through tests for my digestive issues.  NOOOOPE.  I did not like what I was feeling.  Not because it was painful, but because it felt like I was being shocked a bit.  Dr. Sinavski explained to me that this was normal but adjusted it for me in order to tailor it to my comfort level, which was very much appreciated.  It was a strange sensation, but after a while I started to kinda like it?  Weird.  

Once I had had the chance to see Catherine’s experience on the table during the procedure I was left a little restless.  For those of you who venture to try this treatment, I recommend not watching it be done beforehand. It creates unnecessary stress and anxiety about a situation that does not need it. I laid down on the table and had the lubricating oil spread over my abdomen. I looked at Dr. Sinavski and told him to work his magic on full blast since I have undergone similar treatments in the past and discomfort didn’t worry me. As the machine passed over my skin, small shocks were sent intermittently into my abdomen.  The best way I could describe the sensation would be the feeling you get when someone flicks you with their finger. I watched as my abdomen would constrict and release as he had described and my skin warmed to the desired temperature in order to be most effective.  I won’t say this is painless because there is some discomfort associated with the procedure.  However, for a man who has a considerable pain tolerance, this pain was certainly not unbearable for me.

I felt fantastic after we were finished.  I felt like I just did 437 crunches and I LOVE that feeling.  I was lighter, more energized and ready to be measured!  I lost about 3-4cms in each area that was measured after only one session!  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a quick fix solution for weight problems.   But over time combined with a good diet, proper hydration and regular exercise, treatments like this can help you tighten up those problem areas in a safe, easy and effective manner.  But remember, no matter what you do to your body, it’s really about loving and accepting yourself for who you are, beautiful flaws and all, because that will ultimately show on the outside.  

My results were pretty amazing if I do say so myself. In various areas I lost so much as 6cm in diameter (which is just a nice way to say off my waist line). Dr. Sinavski explained that the results were impressive and would subside as my body adapted to the procedure over the next few days. He explained that on average, permanent results were found in patients after six treatments. The next day I will admit to being quite sore in the area that was focused on using the technology. It felt to a certain degree like it would after a really good workout and the skin was more sensitive then it would normally be. I believe this is a wonderful treatment for those men out there who are looking for a little help in the beauty world but don’t want to do under the knife. Alongside a healthy eating regime and regular exercise, I can now appreciate the Pollogen Body Treatment for its cutting edge technology and visible results.


Treatments cost $300 to $350 each and are available at select medical spas and clinics in Canada (click here to find one near you).


Please visit for locations, testimonials and before and after photos.

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Daniel Desforges & Catherine Sugrue