Basking In #BackItStyle2019 – Toronto’s Most Experienced TIFF Gifting Lounge

They always say you’re not supposed to pick favourites. Don’t say the word best. Don’t prioritize one experience over others.. but sometimes I have to disagree. I’ve attend a lot of TIFF gifting lounges and celebrity experiences in my career as a blogger – and most of them have been spectacular experiences leaving me spoiled and feeling appreciated for the work I do.

But if I’m being 100% honest, few have the experience or the power of GLO Communications and their #BaskItStyle2019 gifting lounge. Bringing together 20 of the most influential and innovative brands of the year, I cannot wait to bring you BTS in real time on our social media amid the excitement of The Toronto International Film Festival during our #TIFF19 coverage.

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Celebrating Ten Years With One Of The Best TIFF Events

Now that we are in full fledge #TIFF18 mode – click here if you missed our Top Five Films to see this year – it’s time to bring you BTS for some of the more luxurious moments we are lucky enough to experience during the festival. Every year we are invited to countless “gifting lounges” which essentially are hubs of celebrities hobnobbing with some of our favourite brands. And yes, we are lucky enough to even receive some pretty spectacular gifts along the way while we share the experiences with you via social media. This year marks the 10th Annual Bask-It-Style gifting suite which is taking place at Thompson Hotel Toronto. So before we head off to feel spoiled rotten, we wanted to share what it will entail!  Continue reading “Celebrating Ten Years With One Of The Best TIFF Events”