Celebrating Ten Years With One Of The Best TIFF Events

Now that we are in full fledge #TIFF18 mode – click here if you missed our Top Five Films to see this year – it’s time to bring you BTS for some of the more luxurious moments we are lucky enough to experience during the festival. Every year we are invited to countless “gifting lounges” which essentially are hubs of celebrities hobnobbing with some of our favourite brands. And yes, we are lucky enough to even receive some pretty spectacular gifts along the way while we share the experiences with you via social media. This year marks the 10th Annual Bask-It-Style gifting suite which is taking place at Thompson Hotel Toronto. So before we head off to feel spoiled rotten, we wanted to share what it will entail! 

So what is a gifting lounge? Basically the concept is a gathering in a cool space where I can chat with friends and PR pros who are also navigating a crazy TIFF schedule, while also engaging with a gathering of brands that come together to give gifts to media and celebrities alike centered around the festival. Yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds. 

The #BaskItStyle2018 lounge is one of the best in the business – with ten years of experience under their belt – and we always look forward to attending and working with them to create content. This year, the participating brands include (but are not limited to) Sully Wong, Mira, Dk.com, Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, Biossance, House of Hayla, Crazy D’s, Pilot Coffee, Turo, Creeds, Nomz Organic, Anne-Marie Chagnon, Healthy Crunch, Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate, Toronto Popcorn Company, Eska, Greenhouse Juice Co, Sharp Magazine, Natura, Browns, Dr. Bronner’s All-One and many more! 

For a few hours, alongside one of our favourite influencers Fazi, I’ll be showing you what it’s like to feel like a celebrity! 

You’ll be able to follow along with us live on Instagram Stories to see what they have to offer the celebrities culminating on the city starting tomorrow during the festival. You can of course follow the #BaskItStyle2018 hashtag as well to watch what other attendees who are lucky enough to be attending think of the experience! 

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We would love to have you join on our adventures! 

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, The Toronto International Film Festival, Glo Communications, Ryan Emberley, Evan Bergstra & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my #HuaweiP20Pro on the Rogers network 

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