Valentine’s Day made easy with my go-to gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions where I like to spoil the people I love. Showing the love you have for someone through a gift can be difficult, but with so many options out there nowadays, it’s actually easier than ever before. Have you ever considered this 3D Photo Moon Lamp With Text & Photo that’s personalized to the two of you, or cooking your partner’s favourite meal? Whether you’re a last minute gift buyer, or someone who puts a little bit of planning into the romance of February 14th, I have gathered together some of my favourite gift ideas for those of you who live or are visiting Toronto this month. Take a look and get the inspiration you need to make this year the best Valentine’s Day yet! Continue reading “Valentine’s Day made easy with my go-to gifts”

This Valentine’s Day, you deserve to reward yourself.

I like to believe that life is about experiences rather than belongings. I am far more inclined to want to plan a trip or romantic meal with Julio. This Valentine’s Day, I have decided that Julio & I need a break and some well deserved quality time together. Over the last year, as I have been travelling for work, I have been avidly collecting Marriott Rewards and saving them for something special. I love how my hotel stays in Canada accumulate points that I can use around the world! SO this Valentine’s Day I am surprising Julio with a trip full of romance and beautiful experiences. Who says that romance is dead?  Continue reading “This Valentine’s Day, you deserve to reward yourself.”

Travel & Lifestyle | It’s time for romance with LE CHÂTEAU

Valentine’s Day weekend has arrived and it’s time to get ready for those special moments with the ones we love. Unfortunately, Julio is out of the country right now – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some romantic moments planned for when he returns. Today I came home to surprise #ValentinesDay flowers from my husband and they were the perfect accompanment to my February Style Challenge outfit from LE CHÂTEAU. Take a look at this month’s must have items and how we are keeping the romance alive. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | It’s time for romance with LE CHÂTEAU”

Travel & Lifestyle | tells us about love & travel

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. If you’re like me, you have a passion for travel and a desire to see the world. asked Canadians in a recent survey, how soon is too soon to take a trip with your new fling and we share some surprising facts about love, travel and when is the right time to take that next step with that special someone in your life. You may just want to go on a trip to Savannah straight away or you may want to wait. It is completely up to you.
Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | tells us about love & travel”