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Valentine’s Day weekend has arrived and it’s time to get ready for those special moments with the ones we love. Unfortunately, Julio is out of the country right now – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some romantic moments planned for when he returns. Today I came home to surprise #ValentinesDay flowers from my husband and they were the perfect accompanment to my February Style Challenge outfit from LE CHÂTEAU. Take a look at this month’s must have items and how we are keeping the romance alive.

You’ll remember that for three years in a row, Julio & I have been selected to be LE CHÂTEAU #LoveBirds – so there was no doubt in my mind that when I was picking out a Valentine’s Day outfit, albeit belated, that it would be from one of my favourite brands. Every month I am looking to find a head-to-toe outfit for you that is under $200 to help showcase the wide variety of fashion & style available from LE CHÂTEAU (see January’s cozy look here).


Surprise flowers from Guatemala & outfit game on point ?

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Tonal Knit Notch Lapel Blazer – $129.95

I’m a sucker for a good blazer, and LE CHÂTEAU always has such a great selection. Comfortable and dressy all at the same time, it was the perfect way to ensure I look and feel good for Julio when he gets home. I picked up the grey option because I felt it suited the outfit a little better, but now that I see the black I’m going to pick that colour up too!


Stretch Denim Skinny Leg Pant – $79.95

These are officially my new obsession – think jeggings, but for men. I will recommend that you buy one size smaller than you normally wear to accommodate for the stretch – but these pants helped to complete an outfit to keep me warm and dapper for Valentine’s Day and all month long. A great addition to your wardrobe!


Don’t forget a staple sweater is always a good idea – if need be, the Knit V-Neck Sweater in bordeau is a great way to wear red for your loved one this year – now on sale for $29.99!

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