Food & Wine | #NespressoGastronomy

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love coffee. A little while ago we had the opportunity to celebrate this love alongside Nespresso for the intimate #NespressoGastronomy soirĂ©e. Gathered together in the Nespresso Boutique Bar in Toronto (which btw is stunning and a must see), we had the pleasure of joining Chef Cory Vitiello for a culinary experience. Come and see how you can create #NespressoGastronomy at home for you and your loved ones.

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Food & Wine | Come and see the juicy details behind the NEW Smash Juice Bar

Traditionally, when it comes to Juicing & Healthy eating, I would leave the subject to our resident #DoTheDaniel expert Catherine Sugrue. The reason for this is that as a Holistic Nutritionist, she is actually educated on the subject and can speak to so many more aspects on the topic. That being said, with juicing and healthy food options becoming a standard in the city of Toronto, I feel as though the topic also translates over to my area of expertise since it is far from the “fad” it was five years ago. Juicing and healthy eating are here to stay, especially with it being as easy as checking out juicing and blending sites like this one (, anyone can get into juicing, considering all you need is a juicer and fruit/veg.

It’s why when I had the opportunity to be introduced to Smash Juice Bar earlier this year, I had to jump at the chance to write about their upcoming opening. Don’t worry Catherine, the next time you’re in town I’ll make sure to bring you by for a visit to Toronto’s newest addition to this bustling industry! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Come and see the juicy details behind the NEW Smash Juice Bar”