Food & Wine | Come and see the juicy details behind the NEW Smash Juice Bar

Traditionally, when it comes to Juicing & Healthy eating, I would leave the subject to our resident #DoTheDaniel expert Catherine Sugrue. The reason for this is that as a Holistic Nutritionist, she is actually educated on the subject and can speak to so many more aspects on the topic. That being said, with juicing and healthy food options becoming a standard in the city of Toronto, I feel as though the topic also translates over to my area of expertise since it is far from the “fad” it was five years ago. Juicing and healthy eating are here to stay, especially with it being as easy as checking out juicing and blending sites like this one (, anyone can get into juicing, considering all you need is a juicer and fruit/veg.

It’s why when I had the opportunity to be introduced to Smash Juice Bar earlier this year, I had to jump at the chance to write about their upcoming opening. Don’t worry Catherine, the next time you’re in town I’ll make sure to bring you by for a visit to Toronto’s newest addition to this bustling industry!

I had already heard rumblings in Toronto about the newest addition to the juicing game by the time I got the chance to meet the wonderful team behind Smash Juice Bar at a preview. For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you’ll remember this teaser of a photo. (And for those of you who don’t yet, we’d love for you to join the adventure with us. Follow @DoTheDaniel today!)

In a city where it seems like everyone is offering fresh this and cold pressed that, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Thankfully, the brand is one that not only makes sense but also has a modern & edgy feel. They’ve got a unique perspective on what it means to be a Juice Bar and aren’t afraid to be a little rock and roll about it at the same time. Healthy & Stylish? Count me in.


Thankfully with the help of my new friends, I was able to sample some of their delicious products before they became available to the public. From the spicy Replenish Cold-Pressed Juice which combines beet, carrot, lemon & ginger to create this killer intensity (or as they would like to say it “This spicy fusion will uplift mood with a blast of replenishing fresh flavour to boost stamina and lower blood pressure with the help of nitrate-infused beets.”) to the Caramel White Chocolate Power Ball which literally is like dessert, but incredibly good for you. There are products to drink, eat and even apply to your skin.

As they mentioned above, it’s literally a one-stop-health-and-wellness-shop.


With the grand opening of the Financial District location taking place this week (36 Toronto Street), there are now so many more reasons to come by Smash Juice Bar and enjoy the food, staff and atmosphere.

And if you’re a visual person like me, just take a look at a few of their tantalizing photos here!





How amazing are their photos?! I’m basically obsessed. The brand, the energy and the enthusiasm to make a difference in your life all have me excited for you to try out Smash Juice Bar today.

To stay up to date with all things beautiful for you inside and out, make sure to follow @SmashJuiceBar on Twitter and Instagram. Not only are their posts informative and clever, but their photo photography makes me totally jealous! Make sure to tag them during your next visit to let them know which product you love most. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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Photos: Smash Juice Bar


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