Why You Should Give a Special Gift

As many of you know this year I am giving the #SupportLocal mouvement as much of my energy and time as I can. Now more than ever small businesses in Canada need our help to weather the proverbial storm that 2020 brought to their doorsteps. While I continue to share businesses via social media, the blog has always been my favourite platform to tell stories and share details that an image alone or a tweet might not be able to. This year, if you’re thinking of unique gifts for yourself and those you love from a distance, why not give a special gift during a very special year like I am.

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My 5 Favourite Wines of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end I am left looking back on yet another year of fond memories, fantastic people and incredible dinning experiences. With the holidays well underway, I am in the midst of planning for dinners and after work get togethers with friends and family. For yet another year, I wanted to share with you my five favourite wines and what to pair them with this year to ensure you have the most fabulous of festive seasons along with me!

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Food & Drink | Wines & recipes to keep you warm

When it comes to the colder months in Canada, is there anything more comforting than a delicious home-cooked meal with family & friends? We have partnered together with Bodegas Osborne to showcase three of our favourite wines alongside some delicious recipes to keep you warm as the days get colder. Not only do we have some delicious recipes from Chef Andres Salomon of Barsa Taberna that you have to try, and we also created three of our own. It’s time to create delicious memories in the best way possible! Continue reading “Food & Drink | Wines & recipes to keep you warm”

Food & Wine | Diamond Estates Sipping in the Sun

For those of you who have followed my partnership with Diamond Estates, you know how much I have come to love them and bringing their wines to your laptop and smart phone screens. Alongside the ever growing DoTheDaniel.com audience, Diamond Estates has joined on board for yet another year of seasonal posts to feature, review and critique their latest & greatest. This season I bring you my Sipping in the Sun post with wines for those spring nights with a light sweater and summer days with SPF 50 needed. Although the seasons seems to be melting into one, these wines are sure to please any wine lover’s taste for any occasion, spring or summer.

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