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As many of you know this year I am giving the #SupportLocal mouvement as much of my energy and time as I can. Now more than ever small businesses in Canada need our help to weather the proverbial storm that 2020 brought to their doorsteps. While I continue to share businesses via social media, the blog has always been my favourite platform to tell stories and share details that an image alone or a tweet might not be able to. This year, if you’re thinking of unique gifts for yourself and those you love from a distance, why not give a special gift during a very special year like I am.

I love wine.

That is no surprise.

So when I was introduced to Vinnified – a Canadian wine subscription box that carefully curates wines from some of the country’s best micro vineyards – I got really excited about their wine club as a gift idea for the holidays.

While most wine clubs curate pricier products from larger vineyards that can be found in regular liquor stores, Vinnified sources from some of the most intimate wineries whose wines are otherwise hard (or impossible) to find beyond their own property.  

Now that’s not to say that the bigger wineries don’t deserve our time or love, but this service specifically finds wines you won’t find anywhere else. This is for that wine lover in your life (or yourself) that really will appreciate the exclusivity of something so special.

Each delivery includes tasting guides and in-depth information about the wineries, their farmers, producers, and the individual wines. Members are also connected with sommeliers and winemakers across the country so they have the opportunity to chat with them about how the products fit their lifestyle and palate. While we are home, why wouldn’t I want to explore the country in such a fabulous way?!

Vinnified offers consumers a chance not only to taste great wines they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, but also to support small Canadian businesses/farms.

Listen. I know that the holidays are going to be different than we thought, but I think that putting in some effort to find special gifts like this for those you may not be able to see is a great way to feel connected. I’m actually thinking it makes a lot of sense for me to sign up a few friends and we can try the wines virtually together over the holidays.

I encourage you to head to the Vinnified website to check out what they have to offer and how it easy it is to give such a special gift while supporting local this season.

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